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Benjamin Lampe

Technology, IT

I grew up in a Christian home, but a lack of biblical faith was apparent in my life. This was the case because as soon as I could get away from the parental authority I took a deep dive into what I saw as “true freedom”. Oh, how I was sadly mistaken. My life was nothing but freedom, being in bondage to online video gaming, pornography, and drinking. As you can probably guess, this lifestyle only led to a downward spiral which hit rock bottom during my summer away from home after my sophmore year of college. I hungered for a relationship at rock bottom, someone to help me feel not alone, someone tangable, because i sure had plenty of virtual friends. God did not abandon me though, and something in me told me to pray. Pray for relationship.

When that summer ended and junior year of college began, that pray began to be answered. I was introduced to relationships which brought me to the Navigators collegiate ministry, where I was reintroduced to Christ as Lord and Savior and what it actually meant to be a Christian. I gave my life to Christ in that year of college; 2010. Its been just over seven years since then and I have had my rough patches as a new believer but the one thing that has rung true is His faithfulness through it all. When I stumble and fall, He is there patiently and lovingly guiding. I owe my life to him and as my relationship deepens with the Lord, I now know what true freedom really looks like. Not only that, but Christ himself is that true relationship that answers our deepest longings and affections. He is the true rock of our salvation!

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