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B.E.I.N.G Class 5 hours

Be who God created you to be! Classes include: beliefs and core values, emotional connectedness, integrity, new nature, and a grow plan. This one is a game changer. What we believe about God affects what we believe about ourselves. It determines the direction of all of our relationships and consequently the success of our lives.

Beliefs and Core Values

What we believe about God Will shape what we believe about ourselves. What we hold to be true about God will determine what we hold to be true about ourselves. Since the world has strong convictions about themselves and weak beliefs about God, we want to have strong beliefs about God that give us true convictions about ourselves.


Emotional connectedness

Many born-again believers in the church are experiencing dysfunctional and this harmonious relationships. Bill Christ himself admonishes us to have relationships that are both fulfilling and fruitful, we find that relationships are often shallow and then biblical. God has given us the resources to develop harmonious, functional, and fruitful relationships with others within the body of Christ as well as without.



After putting trust in Jesus Christ for salvation, every born-again believer becomes a vessel for God to live the life Christ through through him by His holy spirit. Every believer is given the opportunity to live life God’s way or their own way. As we choose to live God’s way, we experience harmony, function, fruitfulness, blessing in our relationships with God and our relationships with others.  You must first believe and value the right things as a prerequisite to experiencing any measure of fulfillment in relationships.  Subsequently, integrity makes sense once you understand the interpersonal challenges that might get you off-track.


New nature

Although a life that is committed to Christ is a new creation, the old sinful nature isnt wiped away, but lives alongside of the new nature in Christ. As a result of this dual nature, the born again believer experiences and inner confrontation between two different majors with two different goals. Living the life that is joyful and abundant is contingent upon the outcome of this conflict.


Grow plan

The changes that take place in our lives after salvation are effected by God and enjoyed by his people as we change the way we think about God and allow him to change our lives as a result. The Bible provides applications for the believer to partner with the Holy Spirit to become who God wants every one of His people to be.


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