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D.E.S.I.G.N. Class 5 hours

Live the life God designed you to be living. Most people are living life by default rather than by design and they are making sacrifices at the end rather than at the beginning. Living life God’s way means living it in the specific way that he designed us to be living. Are we living life for our own personal fulfillment or are we living life in such a way that Christ in us would fill the earth? Classes include: disposition, emotional maturity, strengths in life, inclinations in ministry, gifts and natural abilities.


Many born-again believers in the church are demonstrating attitudes and communicating personalities that are inconsistent with who they are in Christ. As we partner with the Holy Spirit and surrender ourselves to Jesus, the Bible promises to transform us from the inside out. When transformation takes place biblically within our souls, there is evidence in our lives the becomes a blessing to the people around us.


Emotional maturity

Many born-again believers in the church are breeding dysfunctional and this harmonious relationships in their lives. God created us for relationships and God meant for our relationships to be a blessing. Being who God wants us to because us the opportunity to have a profound and fruitful relationships, and serve others in the body of Christ in a healthy and enduring fashion.


Strengths in life

Everyone needs  to be confronted with the opportunity to allow the rest of their lives to be dictated by the way that God is clearly designed them.  Many born-again believers lived for years without ever entertaining the idea that the life they’re living is not the life God designed them to be living.


Inclinations and ministry

It is far more fulfilling when life is lived doing what we are designed to do. When we decide to live our lives  so that the fullness of Christ in us can fill the earth, we are subsequently empowered to live the life that God created us for, and fulfill the purpose for which we were designed.


Gifts and natural abilities

God’s people tend to live life by default rather than by design. God designed us for unique purpose and we must first understand how he designed us to know that purpose. God’s given His people spiritual ability that informs us what we are to do with our lives. One of the healthiest decisions we can make is to evaluate whether or not our lives are consistent with the way that we have been gifted.


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