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D.O.I.N.G. Class 5 hours

Doing life man’s way will never produce the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from doing life the way God intended it to be done. God has designed us for a certain purpose to reach a specific people group. Each one of us has a DEFINED PURPOSE to be OTHERS FOCUSED in an INFLUENTIAL way that will require nNEW HABITS and a plan of GLOBAL OUTREACH.

Defined purpose

Life that is lived unintentionally is lived accidentally. Purpose is what gives life meaning, So I’ll life without purpose is a meaningless life.Many born again believers are failing to follow the purpose for which God created them to be fulfilling. Without knowing our defined purpose we will always revert to doing what brings us the most pleasure, rather than doing what brings God pleasure. The purpose God has given each believer is to direct them to live the life he created dental live and do what he has designed them to do.


Others focus

Many born-again believers are focused on the wrong thing and consequently are not doing what God created them to be doing. Knowing our defined purpose gives us the opportunity to live a life that is focused on the right thing and embracing biblical characteristics. Having an others focus is intimately connected to focusing on God, consequently we cannot love God without loving others.



Influence is the byproduct of the Christian life, and those with influence persuade others of God’s love and faithfulness in order to persuade this world in light of the next. At any time, the only reason we as believers have little influence is because we are distracted. God means for our influence for Jesus to be remarkable, but because we so easily get distracted from doing what God has purposed us doing our influence is unremarkable.


New habits

Many born-again believers in the church struggle with habits that are characteristic of their lives outside of Christ as unbelievers. Hypocrisy is something that is condemned by Jesus, And due to the fact that these addictive behaviors continue in the life of a believer, the churches full of people that are living in shame. The Bible makes clear that the life of God in us by his spirit produces a byproduct, but the Bible is equally clear that followers of Christ will struggle with sin. From the very beginning God has never intended his people to live in shame, But habitual sinĀ  keeps believers and strongholds that the Bible clearly provides instruction to be victorious over.


G.O. Plan

Our perspective and resulting approach to global outreach is formed by our relationship with God and motivated by our commitment to him. The only way to have a proper perspective of outreach is to understand where we are in error and subsequently agree with God. Once we understand god’s way of doing outreach it is incumbent upon us to live in obedience, Or dramatically increase the amount of sin in our lives as a consequence of disobedience.


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