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G.O.I.N.G. Class 5 hours

Everything that Life was always created & meant to be has been given to us through the Word of God. When we begin BEING the people that God created us to be, living the Life God DESIGNED us to live, and DOING all that God has for us to do we enter into a Lifestyle that is described by a consuming drive for the Gospel, an overflow of discipleship, a focus on hearts, a successful way of life, and a reproduction of the life God has produced in us.

Gospel focused

Living a life that is not significantly different and its impact on the surrounding people then unbelievers lives are is a common ailment for people in the church. A life that is absolutely focused on the gospel is the sum total of believing rightly about God embracing the way he is designed us and agreeing with the purpose that is placed upon our lives. When believers are willing to lay aside control, and in submission allow God to comprehensively take control, they can be assured that God will accomplish his purpose in and through them.


One on one discipleship

Disciples of Christ must have an outlet that they can pour into. Believers are designed to dry up if that model is challenged, consequently many in the church are living a life that is less refreshing and rewarding than the life they have potential to be living.


Invest in hearts

Jesus made clear that the key to understanding his teachings rested in a singular parable.  “If you can’t understand the meaning of this parable, how will you understand all the other parables?”  The word of God has graciously provided excellent instruction to keep believers from spending their time pouring into the lives of people that will never respond appropriately.


New Lifestyle

 The world we live in has a definition for a successful life that centers around self. The word of God describe success in very different terms than the world.  Many born-again, Bible believing Christians who are passionate followers of Christ would not consider themselves a success story. We must base our understanding of success of what the Bible teaches us


Generate Apostles

The word of God makes very clear what we as disciples are designated to do with our lives. A large majority of believers are living in self-centered rebellion of this mandate and consequently ministry is not being perpetuated. In order to embrace the command to duplicate in others the life of that Christ has produced in you, a modicum of discomfort is to be expected, Which is all part of counting the cost of following Jesus Christ.


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