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Alipio Amaral

School Director

At 5 years of age, Alipio was hit by a speeding truck. His skull was shattered, his tongue severed, his heart stopped, and his body unconscious. He was put on life support as he slipped into a coma, and his doctors said he would be incapacitated. Pastor Alipio & Ashley Amaral But Alipio’s mother believed God had already healed him. She waited nine days until Alipio woke up and said, “God told me He wants me to tell people how He healed me.” Family life was focused on doing things God’s way, and yet by high school Alipio had become a rebellious teen. A few years later, after a friend praised his self-centered behavior, Alipio went home and rededicated his life to the Lord. He enrolled in Bible college, and launched into the mission field. After serving the Lord for 15 years in Europe and South America, assisting in three church plants, and marrying his beautiful wife Ashley, Alipio returned to care for his mother before she went home to be with the Lord. It was during this season that God opened the door for Alipio to come serve on the pastoral team at Watersprings Church in Idaho Falls.!

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